October Monthly Updates

*important announcement regarding MNTT V1 pancake liquidity below*

What have we accomplished in October?

Where have we failed?

So what’s next for MoonTrust?

With the decrease in user activity in this bear market cycle, we will be migrating MNTT V1 Tokens from Pancakeswap into MNTTBSC token liquidity (V2).

For those who have already upgraded their tokens, there will be no change/impact. For who haven’t upgraded, they can still sell directly on Pancake or follow the instructions below

Note: we will migrate the liquidity at Jan 1st 2023.

After 2023, users will have to upgrade their old tokens via the instruction above in order.

October Objectives:

Continue development of MoonTrust App

October Transactions:

Helped community member upgrade mntt tokens to v2

txn in: 0x985a0d8a65128062f93c1416097498f8e227a73ccd9b178e3ec722e7c9160dd8

txn out: 0x0a74eba6f07cabd489f5b7575f82060cef7255bd5edd4b51315a7e6a5bfae6de



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