MoonTrust September Monthly Updates

Each month we will discuss what we have accomplished, where we’ve failed, and what is still to come.

What have we accomplished in September?

  • 61 New holders
  • Deployment of V2 App to BSC Mainnet
  • Invited verified holders to join testing
  • Beta testing link:
  • Note: data is not saved in this beta. This means your chat history, friendlist, and userID will not be saved when we release the final version.

Where have we failed?

  • We have met our September milestones

So what’s next for MoonTrust?

We have successfully migrated our V2 App from Testnet to Mainnet. Starting tomorrow we will start Open Beta 1 for our MoonTrust V2 app. This beta testing is open to the public and anyone can participate.

October Objectives

  • Bug fixes for V2 app
  • Invite more users to test our app