MoonTrust May Monthly Updates

Each month we will discuss what we have accomplished, where we’ve failed, and what is still to come.

What have we accomplished in May?

Where have we failed?

  • Mainnet MoonTrust Wallet App delayed

Why did we fail?

We were optimistic with our target for the Mainnet production launch. Although we didn’t make the target, we are still on track for the June launch of the web app.

So what’s next for MoonTrust?

In the meantime, we will release the social media aspect of the MoonTrust app. This will be independently released, and we will gather feedback from the community.

June Objectives

  • MoonTrust social media browser web app launch (early June)
  • MoonTrust social media Android/iOS app launch (late June)
  • Telegram Price Alert Bots

July Objectives

  • Any tasks left over from June
  • Voting mechanism design proposal
  • Wallet DApp proposal