MoonTrust April Monthly Updates

Each month we will discuss what we have accomplished, where we failed, and what is left to come.

What have we accomplished in April?

  • MoonTrust Token released
  • Announcement of MoonTrust Wallet App
  • Proof of app with screenshot and demo video
  • 1k holders

Where have we failed?

  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing

Why did we fail?

Going into this, we looked at all recent projects listed at CMC and CG for the months of March and April. From there we looked at the weakest projects as the minimum bar requirement. With that information, we overestimated our ability to get listed because we felt we hit all the points.

There has to be a reason why MoonTrust was denied, right?

To be honest, our team discussed this at length throughout the month of April. In the end, we think there is a “secret sauce” our project is missing.

  • None of us speaks 420, cringe, rocket emoji, or based language, which in the current crypto world is probably a mark against us.

So what’s next for MoonTrust?

Realizing our mistakes for April, we have officially partnered up with an exchange. The exchange will not only help us promote and advertise our project, but it will also work with CoinMarketCap to get our project listed.

May Objectives

  • Exchange Listing (mid-May)
  • Testnet launch of MoonTrust Wallet App (early May)
  • Browser Ver Mainnet launch of MoonTrust Wallet App (late May — hopefully)
  • CoinMarketCap listing (late May)
  • CoinGecko listing (late May)
  • TrustWallet listing (contingent upon hitting 2.5k holders)

June Objectives

  • Any task leftover from May
  • Android MoonTrust Wallet App to GooglePlay Store (late June)
  • iOS MoonTrust Wallet App to Apple App Store (late June)