CoinTiger Exchange scammed us

2 min readFeb 23, 2023

**Edit** to clarify we only kept some funds in the exchange to help stabilize price between pancakeswap and the exhcnage. Periodically we use CoinTiger to exchange funds and between cryptos. CoinTiger waited for us to do large deposits for our yearly crypto swaps and movements before locking our account. This is a planned theft against us.

We established a business relationship with CoinTiger at Dec 19th 2021. As such, we have business contacts with CoinTiger sales and support staff.

We believe we had a good working relationship but during the bear market at around Feb 2023, we noticed we are no longer getting email verification codes.

Because there are no email verification codes we are not able to withdraw any funds nor are we able to login.

Believing to be a technical issue on CoinTiger’s end (our email can send and receive emails fine), we worked with support to update our email to a temporary Gmail account.

However, this is where we realized this was all a ploy to steal our funds. After updating our email, we managed to login successfully. We tried to withdraw after that and noticed it got stuck in processing.

The next day, our account got logged out on our work devices. Upon trying to relogin to check our withdrawal status, we noticed a weird “system is busy now, please wait with patience.”

Not a problem, we have faith in CoinTiger to be able to sort this out. We reached out to support and to our business contacts directly to try to resolve.

This is when we realized CoinTiger purposefully tried to take all our funds. The support automatically closed our tickets or ignored them completely. Our contacts on Telegram deleted all chat and blocked us.

If anyone wish to verify the legitimacy of this, please feel free to reach out and we can provide further proof.

If you got blocked in Telegram you can’t see their profile picture — verify their telegram username directly at