April Monthly Updates

Each month we will discuss what we have accomplished, where we’ve failed, and what is still to come.

What have we accomplished in April?

Where have we failed?

So what’s next for MoonTrust? (same as March’s)

We are seeing a slow down in traffic across all our marketing campaigns. As such, we will be putting our marketing efforts on a pause. Currently, there has been a significant decrease in traffic across the crypto space.

We will be shifting gear to focus on development of our app and improving on it.

May Objectives:

Continue development of MoonTrust App

April Transactions:

0x1df997d680d5d2e4b849625b5978a279dd69d15163c121b9015b0c6ad979bffa — Remove pancake V1 pool liquidity of old MoonTrust token

0xe4c02adc8576af0e254a90786f9a2b48d3f6ef0446da0db16d6995a93379cc36 — Add pancake liquidity into Pancake V2 pool

0xfacca2cbdf398010d2b2f3a9e6c03660a509fa99603baa5bfe017e9360d48cd9 — Approve token locker contract

0x2ef4f41b29041ba2162c08baae13d1af96dd4867609584e12194d5dd8962e1a0 — Lock Pancake liquidity of old MoonTrust token (0x390037d710C86F88F05174599425B77c72Eda305)



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