Announcing MoonTrust Wallet app

2 min readApr 17, 2021


-What is MoonTrust token?
MoonTrust (MNTT) is a DeFi token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Aside from the traditional DeFi tokens currently on the market, MNTT will be tied into the app both as a utility and as a transfer of value. The MoonTrust Wallet app will be the core technology to achieve this goal.

-MoonTrust Wallet

Users log into the wallet via their mobile number. Their mobile number also acts as a digital wallet in this app.

It is possible to send and receive MNTT tokens from anyone and anywhere in the world without transaction fees via the app.

-Tax Free Wallet App

MNTT tokens have a built-in tax bracket system. Users of the MoonTrust Wallet app are able to deposit and withdraw MNTT tokens without getting taxed.

Gas fees during withdrawal of MNTT outside of MoonTrust Wallet will be paid in MNTT tokens.

Deposits and withdrawals into MoonTrust Wallet will be tax free. This opens up the possibility of using the app as a bridge for transfers.

Note: traders of MNTT will still be taxed.

-A Bridge to the greater population

Entry requirements to BSC DeFi projects are currently as follows:

  • Download a software wallet
  • Setup custom network connection to BSC
  • Secure BNB and send to the software wallet
  • Buy the tokens via decentralized exchange such as Pancake Swap

Most available YouTube videos detailing the above steps are 20–30 minutes long. The complexity of learning about and following these steps deters the general public.

With MoonTrust Wallet, we hope to capture that audience. MoonTrust Wallet will allow anyone to sign up via their mobile number and start using MNTT.

Via partnerships and other app initiatives that will use MNTT tokens, we hope new users who have never interacted with crypto will be more willing and open to learning more. Users can choose to withdraw MNTT from MoonTrust Wallet to their favorite software wallets at any time.

-Why should I buy Moontrust token ?

With the introduction of the MoonTrust Wallet, using MNTT as a transfer of value between users and platforms is now a viable option.

After the release of the MoonTrust Wallet, we will bridge our wallet technology to other apps to allow MNTT interaction within partner apps.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future!